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Baby Brielle’s First Birthday | Family Photography

Megan has been planning her daughters first birthday party for months! She put so much work into making it come together and it went perfectly. The decorations were adorable. Megan went with a pink + pumpkin patch theme. Adorable. From Brielle’s outfit, down to the favors everything came together.

We first met for family photos, and then headed to the party. Megan bought 5 bundles of 6 of balloons for the party, but they somehow got completely tangled in transit. The whole family put effort in to de-tangle the balloons; it was cute. Spoiler alert: they untangled all of them. 🙂

Phil’s mom made a delicious pumpkin cake, and Megan made s’more pops. Along with cookies, snacks and some yummy cider.

Friends and family from near and far surrounded Brielle, and aside from being a little sleepy had a ball!

Megan even made a mini pumpkin patch in their back yard for Brielle and her friends. After a few photos of Brielle in the pumpkin patch, her friends grabbed pumpkins and decorated them with sticker faces. The kids loved this creative activity.




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