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Audubon Park, New Orleans

When I travel, I make an effort to research the area I will be staying and the activities I will be doing. During this time I often generate expectations of the destination and what the trip will be like. Sometimes my expectations are on key, other times they are way off.

When I traveled to New Orleans, I didn’t plan as much as I normally do, so I didn’t have many expectations. But the things I did plan for weren’t  what I expected. This isn’t a bad thing. The trip itself didn’t go as I had planned, nor was NOLA what I imagined.  I thought of New Orleans as a party city, beads, voodoo, and some crazy. Which, it was. When we went downtown, there were naked people painted silver walking around, musicians in the streets, and lots of people drinking. But what I didn’t expect was the beautiful lush colors of the parks and streets.

While visiting, I frequented Audubon Park. It was a relaxing spot, where I could people watch, read my book or spend a lot of time thinking. It was close enough I could comfortably walk to it, and just far enough I felt like I was doing something with my day.


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