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Annapolis Elopement

Andrew and Rebekah tied the knot this weekend.

You can see their beautiful engagement session here.

As many couple’s are, Andrew and Rebekah faced a tough decision due to COVID19. They decided to move forward with their wedding ahead of schedule and much more intimate than originally planned.

Even with the change of plan, Rebekah and Andrew had a beautiful celebration of their love and marriage. Rebekah made her own wedding dress, yes, you read that right! She made it! Be sure to look at all the gorgeous detail she put into it.

Rebekah decorated her cake, and there is a very special flower atop it… The smallest flower at the top is from Andrew’s parents’ wedding 33 years ago!! They had three flowers saved from their wedding cake, not knowing that they would have triplet sons who could use the flowers on their own future wedding cake!

Andrew and Rebekah exchanged their vows in front of their closest family along the water. It was a sweet ceremony, perfectly fitting for Andrew and Rebekah.

A little backstory; as I mentioned in the blog post about their engagement session, Andrew and Rebekah met while both being homeschooled as children. Rebekah took piano lessons from Kelly, Andrew’s mom. The six kids were friends growing up and have pictures from years ago when they were all younger! And now, Andrew and Rebekah are married!!!

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