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A powerful way to unleash your natural creativity | A TED Talk by Tim Harford

I’ve been listening to Ted Talks Daily on Spotify. It has been a nice mental break for me while I am driving, or need a distraction while putting my daughter to bed. Most of them are a quick 15-20 minutes. Just enough to educate me, but not too long that I can’t squeeze it in or I lose focus.

In the Ted Talks Daily ‘A powerful way to unleash your natural creativity’, Tim Harford opens with a quote, “To do two things at once is to do neither.”.

While I believe this to be true, what he goes on to share is both interesting and encouraging. I LOVE to do ‘project management’, and time blocks for my to-do lists. Tim Harford calls it, “Slow Motion Multitasking”, and I am here for it.

I haven’t blogged consistently for a couple months. In October I was swamped with sessions and editing, so blogging took a backseat. Now that November is coming to a close, I am a little burnt out on editing & need something to break up my time while still being productive.

Tonight, while I am struggling to sit still long enough to cull and edit the wedding that is in my queue, I decided to put that project down for a minute while I pick up my blogging project, so here I am.

Tim Harford points out that we all get stuck sometimes, even Albert Einstein. I’m stuck. But if I turn to another exciting project, like blogging, it may get me out of my rut. Obviously, Tim Harford isn’t referring to editing specifically, but I think his theory applies well here.

Albert Einstein got stuck with his Theory of General Relativity, so he picked up an easier problem, Stimulated emission of radiation (S in Laser)… Then goes back to the Theory of General Relativity refreshed.

While I am not doing something as cool as the Theory of General Relativity, I am editing some amazing wedding photos and blogging is the refresher I needed.

Here’s a link to Tim Harford’s Ted Talk, you should check it out.

A pretty ring shot from said wedding.

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