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My favorite non-mom, non-work things to do

As a mother and entrepreneur these are my favorite non-mom, non-work things to do

  1. Read Books I like nearly any kind of book. Historical Fiction may be my favorite though, especially if it is pulled from a true story or real-life experience. I love learning while I read. I also love having a physical book in hand when reading, although all the electronic options are handy it isn’t the same as holding a book and turning the pages.

  2. Draw I’ve found a joy in drawing, it’s therapeutic and lets my creative juices flow while allowing my mind to rest. Usually I draw at the end of the day when my husband is playing with the baby or laying her down for bed.

  3. Stretch & Work Out I LOVE stretching, it feels good physically and mentally. I can get in a good headspace if I take some time to stretch my body. Then I love to get in a solid workout, this can be harder to do because I like to get into my workout clothes, get my mind into the right place and really be intentional with my workout. I am not good at just squeezing a quick workout in. But when I am able to make time for it, I will! It feels good to be active, get my blood flowing and take care of my body. I believe this helps me be a better mother and entrepreneur.

  4. Journal / Write Letters I love expressing myself in my journal and writing letters to friends and family. Snail mail is my favorite. I will journal about my day, my emotions, thoughts I have, pretty much anything. I also like to write letters to my daughter for when she is older and can read them.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of motherhood and work? Leave a comment below.

These photos were taken at Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon.

You can see more pictures of my daughter, here.



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