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3 years ago

Three years ago at this time I was packing my bags for (what I thought was) a trip to North Carolina. Little did I know that the east coast would soon become my home.


Looking back, I had no idea what God had in-store for us. We were celebrating six months of marriage, I was learning to adjust to life 3 hours from family, and I was about to explore a new found independence.

I found myself unsure of all that was happening, even a little anxious. I struggled with being away from my family and friends. I had no idea what God was preparing me for. Now, 3 years later I live 3,000 miles away from said family and friends. While it’s still challenging and I miss them every day, I’ve learned how to adjust and grow our relationship in a different way. I would have never experienced any of this had I not married such a loving, supportive and adventurous husband.

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