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2016 Winter Snow Storm|| Jonas


As many know, the East Coast had a big storm at the end of January which left us with a few feet of snow. It snowed for two days straight! There is still some piles of snow around, but most of it has been melted away, thanks to the sunshine. Since the storm was anticipated all my responsibilities were put on hold and I stayed cuddle inside our cozy apartment. The snow began falling in the early afternoon of Friday, January 22nd, and continued through Saturday late night. Philip left for work Friday evening and came home Sunday night. Poor guy! He had a lot of work to-do to keep things running at the club. Once the snow stopped things really got going, all the plows and snow shovel-ers were out trying to make paths for people. Most of the city didn’t come back to business life until Tuesday, and even then School was out for the whole week! Snow is very pretty, but in situations like these it can also be overwhelming. It definitely took some time to dig out!

Meanwhile, on Monday I had the joy of meeting Al and his family for a quick photo session. Al and I work together at Bethesda Country Club. Deandra, his wife, and his daughter Jayna were a load of fun to photograph. They are such a sweet and beautiful family. Jayna recently turned one year old, and her parents couldn’t be more loving to her.


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