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2016 Road Trip | The Pacific Northwest & Bristish Columbia and Alberta, CA.

I took a month off work, packed my bags and set out to explore the world. 

(Taking the month off of work wasn’t as easy as it sounds, and I absolutely love my co-workers and work family who made it happen-shout out to my BCC team!!!). Packing my bags wasn’t hard, just threw stuff in and hopped it zipped. I knew my dad would have time off work, so I talked him into a 11 day road trip after our annual family vacation to the beach. We got back to my dad’s apartment on Saturday evening from our trip to the coast, then spent Sunday doing laundry, packing and hanging out with our family. Monday morning August 8, 2016 we set out on our road trip.

If you’ve ever seen a Rob Kahrmann road trip agenda you’d probably gasp. My dad has the trip planned down to the minute (okay, okay, not really, but definitely down to the hour!). He is thorough. It pays off though because then we can fit a lot into the trip.

A quick summary of our trip: We drove through 4 states; Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho.

We explored 9 (I think) National Parks; Glacier (USA), Waterton Lake, Kootneay, Jasper, Banff, Revelstoke, Glacier (Canada), Yoho and Olympic.


Wallowa Lake, Oregon was on of my favorite stops. It was simple and peaceful. If I lived closer I would love to take Philip there for a vacation. 

PNW Road Trip

We took a few hikes, and explored different walking trails. One of my favorites was the Summit of Revelstoke Mountain. The view was incredible! The air was light and fresh. It was quiet, we went in the later afternoon and there weren’t many other people around. The wild flowers at the summit were very pretty, too! 

PNW Road Trip

I wore my Chacos for a large portion of the trip. They are comfortable, easy to hike in, and breathable. 

PNW Road Trip

This was an art studio on Revelstoke Mountain. There were two painters inside focusing on their craft. I think it is super neat that this was here for people to utilize. 

PNW Road Trip
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