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What to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant | Wedding Photographers

What to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant | Wedding Photographers

Being a Wedding Photographer myself, I know it can get super challenging to where all the hats. During a busy season of weddings, it can be hard to keep up on the administrative duties that are included in running a business and getting galleries to clients. Then similarly, in the slower seasons it can be hard to find time to rest while maintaining continued forward movement and serving your clients in creative ways.

This is where a virtual assistant can greatly help you. They can offer you support during the busy season and upkeep during the off season so you can enjoy that too.

Here is a list of things a Virtual Assistant can help you with.

  • Social Media, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook

    • Posting

    • Captions

    • Engagement

  • Blogging

    • Showcasing weddings and other photo shoots

    • Highlighting your work after a styled shoot

    • Educating clients on what they can do

    • Bringing interesting topics to your audience

  • Pinterest

    • Creating graphics

    • Scheduling posts

    • Writing titles and descriptions

  • Sending Client and Vendor Gifts

    • Sending a booking gift

    • Sending a Thank you gift

  • Gallery Culling

  • Managing online galleries

  • CRM Software

    • Onboarding clients

    • Creating templates

    • Setting up workflows

We'd be happy to help you help you with your tasks!

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