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Snow Day in Rockville, Maryland


Snow Day in Rockville, Maryland.

In light of the snow day yesterday, I thought it was fitting to post a blog about a snow day. I’m still in California, so rather than snow I’m experiencing sunshine but cheers to the snow the east coast has!

There is something so peaceful, fun and thrilling about a good snow day. A few weeks ago, we got snow in Rockville, Maryland and it was so pretty! Philip & I went out to explore, I was stuck wearing my walking boot, so I wasn’t as mobile as I would have liked but it was an adventure day nonetheless.  We drove around a bit, looking at homes that were softly kissed by the white powder, then pulled over for a few photos.

When we first moved to the east coast snow days were a learning curve, they mean that Philip has to work long hours and that I’m at home by myself. The last few years I was always bummed that I couldn’t spend the snow day with Philip curled up on the couch or out playing in the white flakes, but this year I decided to embrace the snow fall even if I couldn’t share it with Philip. After he worked for nearly two days, he came home from work and went exploring with me before taking a nap and going back to work. It was really special to share that time with him. Oh! Did I mention it was on my birthday, too?

Rumor has it, we might have an extra snowy few months and I’m secretly (or not so secretly) excited about it! I love having multiple opportunities to enjoy the snow.

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