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Seattle Washington

It’s 10am on Sunday, December 6th. I am spending my morning reminiscing about our trip the west coast in the fall. When we were planning the trip we knew it was going to be jam packed with things to do, and people to see. It was Philip’s first time going back to Oregon since we moved to Maryland-so as expected he had a lot of people to catch up with (and of course we wanted to see our friends & families). During the planning stages we decided it was best to have a written agenda, this would allows us to manage our time better and still get a lot in. On that agenda was visiting Seattle Washington! I am so happy we made this happen (with the help of my dad).

We got up before the sun, and were on our way by 3am. I started the drive, but we switched at some point so I could sneak in a nap before our big adventure. Side note: I can always sleep in a moving car. We hit a little traffic as we approached the city, but nothing too bad.

Our first stop was to see the Space needle from afar. It was still dark outside, but we watched the sun slowly light the sky. It was an awesome sight. The quiet of the morning, kissed by the hustle of over looking a city waking for the day.

While in Seattle I planned a photo session with two other creatives. So, we made our way down into the city to meet them at the Pier.


After going to see the Pier, we made our way to Pike’s Place. We couldn’t miss this iconic stop on the list. We wandered around aimlessly for a while, then settled on getting a bite to eat. We found a cute spot that was serving breakfast over looking the Public Market Center signage. 


Since it was Blue Friday we were both sporting our Seattle gear, Philip in blue and me in my favorite sweat shirt. 

Seattle is a fun place. I am so thankful we were able to visit it and explore. I hope to go back as time allows and see more of it’s beauty.

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