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Rockville Maternity Photos, Rockville, Maryland

We met at Pike and Rose in Rockville, Maryland for Lexi's maternity photos. She is so intentional with her details - she wanted her maternity photos to mean one thing "Protection". She wore a custom made ribbon skirt, "The ribbon skirt is a symbol of resilience, sacredness and survival. I am an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and I want to bestow upon my daughter the strength and resilience of not just her family, but her ancestors. My daughter is the future that my ancestors prayed for."

She wore a "Protect Her" shirt, which is "inspired by the strong women who create, sustain and nourish life. This tee is a tribute to the matriarchs of the many different Native nations and Indigenous backgrounds, this tee honors the beauty of female life-givers in various cultural regalia and dresses."

Her beaded earrings are a her shield to ward off evil and her triangle turquoise ring stands for strength, unity and importance.


Earrings - @lrwdesigns_

Lexi and I met years ago before her wedding. What started as a business relationship quickly grew into a friendship! She has been a huge support to everything that I do, loved on me at my lowest, and plays with my daughter when I need the help! I am so excited for Lexi to welcome her sweet little girl into this world. She is a beautiful, strong and powerful woman and mother!

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