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Rockville Maryland Newborn Photographer

Rockville Maryland Newborn Photographer

Years ago, before I started photographing weddings regularly, I photographed newborns. It was a fun experience but I never fully committed to it. Late in 2018 (wow, it’s already 2019!) I started contemplating if it would be good for me to reintroduce this into my business and as of January 1, 2019 I have!

I am so happy to announce that I offer in Studio Newborn photography! My studio is based out of Rockville, Maryland. I have an arrangement of props, blankets, and wraps to select from for the session. My style is minimal and simplistic to ensure baby is the focus of the session but of course, wrapping your little one like a burrito makes the photos so adorable!

You can rest assured knowing your sweet bundle of cuteness (your new baby!) is safe in my care. I’m CPR certified, I’ve completed hours of extensive training in the EMS field, and have previous experience with nannying, and a variety of medical experiences.

Contact me today to chat about the best time to schedule a session so you’re already to go once baby arrives! While you’re at it, let’s schedule a maternity session to celebrate this amazing time, I mean, you’re growing a human in your body; that’s reason to celebrate!

Rockville Maryland Newborn Photographer

Look at this cute baby boy, he has a full head of hair! And for those of you who are curious, his momma did have heartburn throughout her pregnancy! This little guy was only five days old when he came to visit me, and talk about baby fever! He was so sweet, slept through the session after having a snack from Momma. <3

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