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Road Trip | Yosemite National Park | Lady bugs

As mentioned in a previous post, I loved visiting Yosemite. It was a highlight of our trip for me…

One thing that specifically stood out to me were these lady bugs! They happened to be in Yosemite, too. My copilot for the trip wanted to stop to see the water (at least that’s how I remember it, but I could be wrong). Sunset was upon us and we were heading towards the exit of the park. We stopped at a turn out. While Jenny explored near the water, I stayed a little closer to the car along the river bed. A few minutes into this leg stretching, I noticed a few lady bugs and thought to myself “Cool!” But then I saw swarms of them, not just a few. I found it SO neat. There were so, so many lady bugs I can’t even explain or began to guess a number as to how many there were. I do know, there were a lot! I am very thankful we made that stop, for whatever reason. I don’t think I will ever experience something like this again. 

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