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Pinterest Basics

Pinterest is a beast for businesses, and you should take advantage of it.

Pinterest is a search engine, it’s a very different platform from Instagram or Facebook, but it’s often grouped with them. If you aren’t already, you really should add Pinterest to your marketing strategy.

- Pinterest Search Engine

People go to Pinterest to find ideas, be inspired and to make purchases

If a user searches Pink Swimsuit hundreds of pins will come up, from swimsuit brands, retails, shops, influences, websites. If you’re a swimsuit seller, you’ll want to show up in this search.

Pinterest will also make search suggestions based on the keywords the user put in. This is a great way for you to narrow in on your keywords, because you can see what Pinterest will suggest to the user when they are looking for similar keywords you might use.

- Home Feed

This is like your newsfeed on Facebook or Instagram, pins other users have saved that you are following.

Pinterest generates these towards your tastes and likes.

- Explore/Discover Feed

This is how you can find new ideas/pins to look at and save. The items in this feed will be trending topics and popular pins,

- Boards

This is where you save your pins. For a business account it works as your categories and allows you to organize your ideas for easy access by potential clients. You can have many different boards; I always encourage having at least one with your own items exclusively.

When naming boards, don’t get crazy, keep them simple and self-explanatory, this way the people viewing them don’t have to guess or wonder what the board is about.

Be sure to include descriptions in your boards.

- Pins

You can pin other people’s content and you can create your own.

I love using Canva to create my pins and idea pins.

Pins are an image graphic, idea pins are more like a story

Batch creating is the best and easiest way to create multiple pins

You can use programs or Pinterest directly to schedule your pins.


- You should have 7-14 boards

- Post at least one fresh pin a day

o Consistency is more important than quantity

- Work towards having at least 50 pins per board

- Use your business name and keywords in al descriptions and titles

- Watch your progress and review to make improvements

- You can reuse content more than once, more than twice.

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