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Pike & Rose Sunset Maternity Photos


People! I’ve been wanting to do a photo shoot at Pike & Rose for a few years now. It finally happened! If you don’t know what Pike & Rose is, get outta here! ; )

Pike & Rose is a newer addition to Rockville; it is at the intersection of the 355 Pike and Montrose Road (even the name is super cool!). It’s a food spot with shops and activities. There is bowling, bocce, and lots of good food! I usually (unintentionally) go here for my birthday each year – I might make it a tradition.

Anyways, Meet Lindsay and Scott… a lovely couple about to become parents for the first time! I loved doing their maternity session at Pike & Rose, it gave a urban vibe with a soft kiss of the sunset light (golden hour for the win!).  Lindsay’s Hair & Makeup was done by Georgia, of Glo by Gia. It was my first time working with Georgia and she did not disappoint! (Stay tuned for her Featured Friday blog Post). 

Scott and Lindsay were so sweet throughout the session. Lindsay and I started planning the session a few weeks ahead, working out the details, down to their shoes. When they arrived I was thrilled to see the outfits, hair, makeup and location come together! Lindsay told me she is just so excited to be a mom. One thing she can’t wait for (although she’s pretty excited about everything a new baby entails) is seeing Scott become a father. I imagine he will make a great dad! On days when Lindsay is feeling the ware of growing a human (how incredibly cool that she is creating tiny human inside her body – this will never cease to amaze me),she visualizes meeting her daughter for the first time. And just being so amazed by how her body has grown this human.

Scott and Lindsay, I am happy to join in your excitement and have captured these photos for you to remember this time of your life with.


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