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Photography Location Tips

I love finding spots that photograph well for portraits.

When finding a good spot to do photos these are the things I consider

  1. Location – This one’s obvious, but location! Where is the location? I can often times take any location and make it into a gorgeous backdrop, I do this by framing the photo, using the client to ‘block’ any crazy thing in the background and by getting creative with my surroundings.

  2. Parking – Whenever possible, I like to ensure there is ample and easy parking at the location I plan on using. This takes away unneeded stress for the client. When they can easily park on the day of the session, it makes things go smoother! When I can, I drop a pin for parking or type out instructions prior to the session so the Client doesn’t have to put much thought into it. Finding a location that has onsite parking or something within close proximity to the location is key! If the location doesn’t have close or easy parking, I do my best to prepare the client ahead of time so we can plan accordingly before the day of the session. Allowing us to make proper arrangements so we don’t loose time during the session.

  3. Timing – What time of day does this location photograph the best? If I can find a location that works well any time of day, that’s a huge win! For example, Iconic spots in Washington, DC are often best in the early morning around sunrise. Not only is the light gorgeous at this time, but the crowds are less during the early morning hours making the session less stressful and the images not busy. Some locations get the light best during a certain time. A nearby trail, the billy goat trail, gets beautiful light in the mornings. Some parks have a stunning view of sunset.

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