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Out of This World, First Birthday Party

This young cutie pie turned one year old. And I am so glad to be able to jump into Forrest’s solar system and capture his special day!

Complete with cupcakes and a rocket ship, Forrest’s parents put a lot of love into his first big party. As we joined their family to start the day, we were greeted by a wall of memories that were followed by a trail of cute space-themed signs leading up to the party floor. Forrest was running around and greeting the guests as they arrived while his parents put the final touches in place.

As the guests continued to fill the room I walked around to sneak in some shots of all the décor. Among which were many signs declaring to the base station, “Houston, we have a one year old!”. It was so much fun to see the pictures of Forrest that his parents displayed. With no shortage of space themed party elements, I could tell we were in for a treat.

Cupcakes, balloons, signs, toys, cookies, table settings a rocket ship playhouse and Lunar styled cake were all setting the mood here for a special boy’s big day. Mom and Dad had prepared an outright feast for everyone to enjoy. They didn’t miss a thing – healthy options, tasty options, grown-up options, and kid friendly options were all there.

As we kicked things off, all the kiddos got warmed up to each other and ran around having a grand time! If there was any shyness left in the crowd, it went out the window when a caddy full of washable markers was rolled into the living room with every color you could ever want. The previously mentioned rocket ship playhouse turned out to be a giant coloring activity for the group to enjoy and decorate for lift-off.

The whole family enjoyed the meal, and photos were taken of every guest next to the birthday boy. There was one final activity planned. Sand art rocket ships! While this did create what I am sure will be a not-so-fun vacuum chore for someone later; it was an awful lot of fun for all of the children and the many parents who joined in to help make a stylish set of rainbow colored rocket ships that look just as ready to enter the stratosphere as Forest looks ready to take on year #2.

Balloons and rental - @idecorevents

Rental (gold grid) - @party_lab_md

Cookies - @poppycakes_jky

Macarons - @mrsmacarons

Vision and design @narisaurus

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