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Watching my husband become a father has been a blast of emotions. This man loves our daughter SO much. I could not have ever imagined it. Often, I’ll be occupied with work, showering, or whatever. I’ll look over at them, watching them smile at one another, listening to their laughs, watching them learn about each other.

Other times Phil will say “watch this, watch this”. He is so proud of something she is doing or wants me to see the sweetest of smiles she is sharing. Daily he explores her milestones and could not be more proud of her. Another thing I have learned from watching my husband become a father is his love for me. Of course, I know he loves me. It is a different perspective now that I am watching him love our daughter and love me through that. Being a wife, a husband, a mother, or a father, isn’t easy but if we work at it we can see the efforts pay off. We can enjoy the journey.

This is a picture of Philip and Meredith in the shower. She cuddled up to him and let the water run down her back. She was in her favorite place, her daddy’s arms.

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