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My favorite baby products

My favorite baby products so far.

Cotton Footed Sleep & Play

I like these because it was easy to access the diaper. When Meredith was a newborn it felt like we were changing her every hour, so being able to easily unsnap the bottom half of her outfit made it a bit easier. I prefer the snap ones but the zipper ones are great, too!

Diaper Caddy

This is by far my favorite baby item. We stock it up with things, like lotion, diapers, wipes, nail file, burp rag, extra outfit, etc. Then we carry it downstairs when we start the day and take it back upstairs at night. That way we always have the items we need. It’s a total life saver. I also put my pump stuff in it so it’s always close by.

Baby Thermometer

This is great because we can check the temperature of the water before we put Meredith in. I think we would be fine just feeling with our hand but I would hate to have the water to hot so this just gives me confirmation it’s the right temperature for her!

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

I use this in the mornings or when we are out and about. I just suction it onto the opposite breast that Meredith is nursing on. It catches any extra milk and sucks some out. It’s especially nice when I wake up full of milk but don’t want to put the pump on right away. And when we are out I can’t pump so I just use this to take a little off.

Baby Sleepbag

These are so nice because they fit over her sleepers and we don’t have to fuss with her legs being in them correctly. I only use them at night to give her an extra layer.

Diaper wipe dispenser

These are just handy! We don’t have to buy the wipes that are resealable. The travel size one stays in our caddy so we have wipes upstairs but we also put it in the diaper bag when we go out.

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