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Motherhood || Katy Murray Photography

Recently I asked a mother of two boys, what motherhood was to her. Her response is very uplifting, and encouraging!

Instagram: @thekatymurray


“Motherhood reminds me of running. It’s hard work. But there’s joy in it too. With running, sometimes I do it because I have to- and there’s times during a run where I’m sweating and pushing myself to keep going up a huge hill, all I can think about is how difficult and grueling that moment is, and all the things I would rather do. But I keep going because that is what I have to do. Then there are also moments of exhilaration, of pride, of accomplishment. There’s a high you feel at some point in the run. There’s the joy of a spring day, wind in your hair, sun on your face, just enjoying the moment. Motherhood is exactly like this to me. There are times I feel alone and exhausted but I know I have to push through. Then there are times of PURE JOY. Often all of this is experienced at once- all these highs and lows all in one day, all these highs and lows in one hour! I LOVE my boys more than life itself. But I don’t always love parenting. There are moments I feel overwhelmed, guilty, inadequate, times when I feel bored, alone, afraid. But there are also SO MANY moments I feel complete, lucky, grateful, alive, content, and at peace. So many moments that make me laugh, smile, and cry happy tears. Moments that make my heart feel like it will burst because it can’t hold all of the love I have for my boys, and the gratitude I have for the beautiful ways in which life has blessed me. At the end of a run, there’s this sense of euphoria and accomplishment- basically, a feeling that “hey, I just did something awesome!”. Being a mom feels the same- I don’t love every moment but it is ALL worth it in the end. The hugs and cuddles I get at the end of a long day with my boys give me the same sense of euphoria and accomplishment: I have these two beautiful boys, and I just made it through another day being their mama. I just did something awesome.” -Karen Ugarte Rainier K. Rainier Photography

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