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Miami Beach, Florida | Adventure is calling

Two weeks ago Phillip and I were in Boston, Massachusetts and this week we were in Miami Beach Florida. I think we might have a travel addiction.

Miami Beach

Florida was absolutely amazing. I was a little bit skeptical about staying in Miami Beach; I’ve always heard that South Beach is a real party city. We arrived late Sunday evening. We were staying on Ocean Drive Right Along the beach and as we neared the hotel in a taxi the lights, the music and the people were a bit overwhelming. It is definitely the place to party. We arrived on Sunday night so the weekend parties were still bumping. We got settled into our hotel room which surprisingly was quiet, and then made our way to find some food. We ate at a local Diner spot right on Ocean Drive we shared chicken strips and some nachos which hit the spot. The next morning we woke up early and went out for a walk We were eagerly awaiting the arrival of our friends who are accompanying us on this trip. Crina Newman, a lifetime friend, and her boyfriend were scheduled to land in Miami around 10am. They were pretty beat, so we took it easy until the early afternoon. During our trip we played volley ball, laid on the beach, went for a bike ride, swam in the ocean and ate lots of great (mostly unhealthy) food!

The water was very clear and clean. Unlike Oregon beaches, it was also warm! I noticed there wasn’t much seaweed either-which was nice! We saw a starfish and swam with a school of fish! I may have screamed when I saw all the fish surround us…But it was definitely an awesome experience! I loved the active lifestyle that Miami has. Although I don’t party or drink much, it was fun to be outdoors in nice weather, soaking up the sun. We met a few different travelers while playing volleyball, and got a good workout in! It was awesome!


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