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Independence Day || Katy Murray Photography, LLC

Growing up July 4th was my favorite Holiday.

It may still be.

I love how relaxed July 4th is compared to other major Holidays. As a kid we didn’t have to get all dressed up for the 4th. We just wore summer clothes, often whatever my mom bought us that was red, white and blue. We had time for friends, and to play outside. Good food, burgers, salad, hot dogs, and chips. So it was a great Holiday. Often celebrated with a parade, and a fireworks show. Last year I even got some christmas shopping done, during the July 4th sales.

This year will be my first year spending the 4th near DC. Also, Philip and I’s first time spending it together! A few years back we were separated by a few hours. Last year we were states apart. This year we are celebrating together which makes it so much better.

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