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How often should I post a new blog? | Wedding Professionals

How often should I post a new blog? | Wedding Professionals

Blogging can seem so daunting. In my early entrepreneur days, I thought I needed to blog daily. Like, write a new, 500+ word blog for every single day. If you know me, I am a straight-to-business kind of gal and don’t add much fluff. Coming up with this amount of content daily wasn’t easy by any means.

The truth is it doesn’t matter how often you blog. What really matters is that you do it consistently. You don’t want to go strong for 4 weeks and then stop showing up. SEO is a marathon not a sprint, so pace yourself.

I suggest 2-4 blogs a month. Focus on quality not quantity. Start with making your blog schedule and content, then build your social media content off the blog. A single blog post can be used in multiple ways and can be repurposed repeatedly.

If you can’t commit to 2-4 blogs a month, start with one. One blog a month will make an impact on your SEO rankings and give you content to use throughout your marketing.

And, if you don’t want to blog at all, outsource it! Have someone else write your content who will be able to ensure its high-quality writing and SEO strong, then all you have to do is hit post.

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