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Energy to keep going || Staying active

When I first started doing photography I didn’t live a very active personal life… After photographing a wedding (6-12 hours), I would have a ‘wedding day hangover’ the following day. It was real. Literally the day after a wedding I would stay in bed as late as I could, I wouldn’t schedule anything, and I would just relax. My feet would hurt, my shoulders were tight, my body would ache, and mentally I just wanted to shut everything off.

Yet, I could work 12 hours at my day job without the same repercussions. I decided something had to give. I started being more active.

Being physically active has helped me in so many ways! I try to run, or do some cardio 5 days a week. I strength train, and sometimes commute to work on my bike.

There are many days that I would rather sleep in, or watch a movie instead of getting moving, but the benefits of being active are so evident in my daily life.

For anyone working a desk job, working from home, or balancing both. I strongly encourage you to go for a walk, jog, or anything to get your body moving.

Working out gives me energy to push through the mentally draining parts of being an adult. It helps me stay focused when I work from home. It helps me feel better about myself.

Go for a run.

Do yoga.

Ride your bike.

Do a few situps.



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