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Dressing for your Photo Session| Family Edition

Last time I blogged about dressing for your session I wrote about Layers, Textures, Patterns, and colors all focused on Fall themes. You can check out the Dressing for Your Photo Session | Fall Edition.

I am a visual person, so I wanted to share more photos on this topic. There are endless possibilities of what can look good for your photo session, here’s a few ideas for Dressing for your photo session…

A Color Theme

I find that starting with a color theme is the best place to start. This family went with neutral tones and a navy blue. I love how the boys are sporting a similar look but Momma’s outfit breaks them up a bit.

*Pro Tip: You don’t want to have everyone matching


A pop of color

This family rocked the red! These are their Holiday photos and their outfits alone showcase the holiday vibes! Mom had both boys wearing a bold red (Big Brother with a red sweater & Baby with red pants), while Mom wore a red lip. Dad’s shirt pulls together the denim blue and the reds perfectly. While mom’s neutral sweater softens the palette.

*Pro Tip: With a bold color, you don’t want to have to much, balance is key.


1920’s Theme

This momma’s outfit theme gives a nod to the 1920’s. Both dad and baby are wearing a news-cap, and baby is styling the suspenders. All while mom is wearing the bold color to add depth and vibrancy to their photos.

A Pattern

This family pulled off a pretty pattern on their oldest girl while the rest of the family complimented her dress. It tied together so well, especially with the golden hour light.

*Pro Tip: Patterns can be busy and distracting, find the right amount and don’t over mix patterns

Pinterest also has great ideas and is a wonderful resource for exploring ideas of what to wear for your photo session.

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