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Do what works for you!

I just got home from meeting up with a gal pal who is also a business owner and mother.

It is so refreshing to chat with someone who faces a lot of the same challenges I face. We chatted for nearly 4 hours, and it felt G O O D. We covered topics from sick babies to difficult clients. To happy stories and giving ourselves grace.

This year has been a wild one for everyone. I’d be lying if I said I was mad about staying home so much… It has been so nice to be at home more. Having the ability and excuse to stay home more has been very nice. But I do miss linking up with friends, and planning playdates for our daughter. I hope that next year settles a bit and we are able to do more activities again.

However, until then, I will focus on one-on-one time with friends, such as today.

I love watching friends grow their businesses and branch into new avenues with their talents. It is SO rewarding.

Today, I was reminded that it’s okay to do what works best for me. I see other photographers out there booking their calendars solid, pulling all night editing sessions, pushing themselves until their breaking point… But honestly, I don’t want that for me, my business or my family. It is more important for me to enjoy the journey and the process rather than burning myself out.

I am not a person who can function well on little sleep, I need my deep sleep to be successful and be present for my family. So, I cannot afford to be up all night editing for my clients while also providing for my family during the day (not to mention my full-time career, too).

Anyways, we as business owners, mothers, wives, individuals, need to do what works best for us! I am here for it and in total support of it! If you need this reminder – I will tell you over and over again, do what works for you!

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