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Christmas is coming up!

I am really excited for Christmas this year.

Since we moved away from our family the Holiday season has been different. I miss being around my family during Thanksgiving, Christmas and basically all the time. But this year I have decided to embrace the Holiday season and make it special anyways. Philip and I are going to make a thanksgiving dinner, we haven’t done that since our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, when my mom came to Bend to visit us. We didn’t really do it then, my mom made it all. Either way, it will be fun and interesting.

Christmas we don’t have any plans, although we will be styling some pretty awesome pajamas. I plan to buy a cute set for us. We’ve already started decorating. I don’t like decorating, putting all the work in and then taking everything down a week later. So this year we got started early so we can enjoy it longer. It’s early, I know.  Between our work schedules we don’t always have a lot of free time so we took advantage of it while we could.

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