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Bucket List

Here’s our BUCKET LIST.

What are some things you’d like to do before you kick the bucket? Comment or tell us on our Facebook page.

  1. Visit all 50 States.

  2. Be an organ donor

  3. Write letters to my future Children

  4. Visit Romania

  5. Ride a Train

  6. Drive Across America (Done. Oregon to Maryland).

  7. Travel for photography

  8. Visit every Major League Baseball Stadium in the US

  9. Visit Tokyo, Japan

  10. Scuba Dive (Philip has done this, many times)

  11. See a sit-com live

  12. Go to Space

  13. Spend New Years Eve in Times Square

  14. Swim with great Whites

  15. Ride a Gondola in Venice

  16. Visit Europe

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