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Brew House No. 16, Baltimore, Maryland

Whenever Philip and I travel, whether it’s a day trip or a full week vacation, we love to find unique local spots to dine. Often we look for Breweries; they have good food, beer and a fun environment.

On our way home from New York City this weekend we stopped in Baltimore at a local Brewery. Brew House No. 16. We found it on a quick Google search of near by Breweries with restaurants. As we drove there I read some of their website-looked like a great spot.


We arrived about 8:00pm. The Brewery is held in an old firehouse, which is were they got their name from. We were promptly greeted by one of the owners. It was a slow night for them, since Fells Point was having a huge gathering for the community. But we didn’t mind, we nearly had the place to ourselves.

Philip ordered Pumpkin Ale that was brewed onsite. I don’t drink beer, aside from a polite sip of Philip’s so here are his notes on the Pumpkin Ale. The Pumpkin Ale had a delightful pumpkin taste. It wasn’t in your face at all and was a well-rounded medium bodied beer. It seemed crafted well. I really like Belgian styled brews. But this particular beer was very smooth and had a lot of flavor undertones.

After chatting with the owner, we took a look at the menu. They had a great variety of items; a lamb burger, chili, and a shrimp burger; we decided to try the Calamari and the Soft Pretzels. I had absolutely no regrets about either of these choices. The Pretzels came with the traditional cheese and slightly spicy mustard. The calamari (my personal favorite) came with marinara sauce and a sweet & sour sauce. I think it was actually a spicy sauce, but it definitely had a sweet taste too. I even dipped my pretzel in it.

The owner had just ordered his dinner so we invited him to sit with us. It was easy conversation and we learned more about the brewery. October 21 will be their 1-year anniversary. While they are still starting out, they’ve learned a lot in the past year. Running a business, especially with a storefront, is no easy task.

They completely remodeled the firehouse to make it into a restaurant. They put in tile, a bar, and the conditioning tanks but maintained the original structure and walls of the firehouse. They even kept the original fireman poles. They are currently working on making the upstairs a banquet event space for large parties.

If you’re ever in Baltimore I strongly suggest swinging by this place for a quick beer and some apps, if not a full meal. And if you’re around Baltimore on the 21 of October you should swing by and buy a pint (or bottle) of their new release of Sour Beer (they are tapping it on the 21st!) If we were in town we would go, but we will be in NY that weekend so go for us!


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