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Brand Shoot for The Society Bakery | Herndon, Virginia

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

This Brand Shoot was at the perfect time for Lindsey's rebrand. She wanted to up her marketing game and really show up for her clients with this brand session.

Lindsey started making cookies in 2019 for her sister's bridal shower. From there is snow balled, she made cookies for her uncle's birthday, as little gifts to friends for bridal parties, engagement parties, you name it! Lindsey soon realized she loved decorating the cookies and seeing the reaction of the recipient when they received them.

Lindsey loves working with her clients to find the perfect design for them, while the client brings the overall vision, Lindsey puts the details together to make the perfect cookie for the event.

I am so excited for Lindsey as she launches cookie classes this year! She also has a goal of getting into more markets, and increasing her pricing now that she has more experience under her belt and wants to sustain this long term! I love hearing all of her goals and how she is going about them.

You can follow along on Lindsey's journey on instagram at @cookiecrumbbakerllc

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