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Boston, Massachusetts | Adventure Awaits

As many of you know, Phillip and I absolutely love traveling. We love new adventures, seeing new things and making memories. The last month we went to Boston Massachusetts it was so much fun.

We left Sunday evening after taking my brother to the airport then we headed north to go to Boston. The drive was going smoothly but unexpectedly Philip got sick. I felt so badly for him! Needless to say him being sick slowed down our travel time. We ended up stopping at nearly every rest stop along the way so that he could get some air between his brief naps. We reached Boston around 2 a.m. . We only booked our hotel for two nights planning to nap in the car the first night. But with Philip not feeling well we decided to get a room. We pitched our case to the hotel receptionist, “It’s 2am and you likely won’t be booking the room, and since we’ve already paid for two nights it would be great if you let us have another on the house.” Sure enough, they let us stay that night for no cost! You never know if you don’t ask. Thanks to my dad for teaching me bargaining skills and living a Frugal life. We got settled in for the night and started to rest for the next day’s Adventure. Monday morning we ended up sleeping in a bit so that Phillip could shake whatever he had.Thankfully he was doing much better by now. Then off we went. We left our car in a parking garage for the trip and we travel Boston by foot. We walked about 10 miles a day and we saw a lot, including the freedom trail. Surprisingly it wasn’t too cold in Boston, although we were prepared if it was. We ran into some snow as we drove up North but otherwise most everything was melted by the time we set out. Here are some photos of the trip for your enjoyment .

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