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Blog Start-up: The first three months

Starting a new blog is both exciting and daunting at the same time. The internet is full of tips, tricks, and suggestions for this endeavor. I want to chime in and share what has worked for me, I can’t wait to see how these tips help you to succeed.

- Find your niche. This can change over time, but to start you need to have an idea of what you want to cover in your blog. It can be as simple as a visual journey to showcase your art, or it can be a journal to share your experiences, or you can educate your ideal clients. The possibilities are endless. The main thing is to offer a trifecta of focus, this includes subject matter expertise, passion about the topics, and something interesting to your readers. Remember, whatever you decide today you can change and/or add to tomorrow!

- Think about blog structure and how to create categories for your blog. Maybe you have five main topics you will cover. Create a category for each. The structure of your blog makes it easier for the reader to navigate and helps with SEO.

- Start building an email list right away! This is a great way to show up for your clients and a great way to get in their ear regularly. Make sure you have a way to collect email subscribers for your blog and platform.

o One way to collect email subscribers is to have a pop up opt in page, this allows you to get in front of your readers eyes quickly and then they can easily sign up to be on your email list

o Be sure to offer incentive for why they should subscribe

- Learning about SEO is very important in your blog. This will gain traction and help bring clients to your site. Research SEO tips and tricks, so you can easily implement a lot of great strategies into your blog writing that will boost each blogs SEO presence.

o You can use a widget or app to help ensure your content is SEO friendly and checks the marks to get the most out of the post

- Professional Email Address will give your blog a professional look. You might have a gorgeous platform with exquisite content, then an email like Having an email that is branded and using the same domain will give a professional look to your correspondence and create credibility for your site and emails.

- Keyword Research is important! Make sure you are targeting keywords that fit your niche and will reach your ideal client.

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