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Every so often I get an itch to bake something.

My mother is always in the kitchen making something. Although baking doesn’t come as naturally to me, I like to try it once in a while. Over the years I’ve learned to enjoy it a little more, and I’d like to think I’ve gotten better at it.

On Monday I spent half the day in the kitchen baking cupcakes. It wasn’t a small task. I started around 1pm and didn’t finish until 5pm! I made over 70 cupcakes (by mistake) but it was delightful! I made Red Velvet and French Vanilla cupcakes, with cute cupcake liners. Then I made homemade butter cream frosting to top them. Generally, I don’t have a sweet tooth; every so often I get a craving. The homemade frosting is so delicious!

I think I am going to branch out into pastries next time. I have a new magazine that has lots of recipes; I will try my hand at a few over the next couple of weeks. Share some of your favorite sweet treats and maybe I will try making them!

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