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3 tips to Show Up on Social Media

Social Media is a platform for you to connect with others and, get this, do social networking!

In 2023, people want to connect with people. We’ve come out of years of isolation and lockdown…

While some of us love the alone time, we miss the interactions at the same time.

Social media is the perfect way to show up and connect with your audience while wearing your pajama bottoms and being comfy on your couch.

Here are 3 tips to Show up on social me

- Get on Stories. Jump on stories (Facebook, Instagram + Idea Pins on Pinterest). Show your face and talk with your audience. This allows your audience to get to know you – to see your face, hear your voice and connect with YOU.

- Post a Selfie. Share photos of yourself on your platforms. In 2022, personal branding is (already) going to be huge. Audiences want to connect with the person behind the brand, and when they connect with YOU they will buy from YOU. Connection is key. With that selfie post, share a captivating caption; a story, give insight to who you are, share your passion and strengths.

- Be personal. Don’t be afraid to get personal on social media. Showing the hardships, the down and dirty of running a business, being a mother, balancing all the hats you wear in life. Show up, be personal and be ready to connect!

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