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When Self Doubt Creeps in Remind Yourself of these 5 Things

It’s completely normal to experience self-doubt, especially when we are encountering a new experience, or something that we have found challenging in the past. There are times when our self-doubt can be debilitating for us, we can spiral and question all our decisions and experiences. I’ve personally faced this on more than one occasion and have put together these reminders to think of when self-doubt creeps in.

1. Look how far you’ve come

Reflect on all that you’ve accomplished already. Don’t just think of your accomplishments but write them down.

2. Shut off the ‘gram.

Don’t compare your story to others. Remind yourself that everyone faces difficulties, and you are not alone. Shutting off social media will allow you to clear your head and help you stop comparing yourself to others.

3. Focus on the Good.

Remind yourself of all the things going right in your life, all the blessings, all the positive things. Make a list, from the smallest thing – that you have running water, to the bigger things, like a well-paying job and/or a family to love.

4. Give yourself grace

You’ve come a long way and you will continue to move forward. Give yourself grace, whatever that looks like for you. Maybe going to bed earlier, reading a book, taking a day off. Let yourself rest and remind yourself that the to-do list will still be there tomorrow.

5. Spend time with supportive, loved ones.

Surrounding yourself with kind, loving and supportive people will make a huge impact in your life. Spend quality time with those who encourage and support you no matter what stage you are at.

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