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Road Trip | The Grand Canyon

During our road trip we made sure to go to the Grand Canyon. The first time I went to the Grand Canyon (a few years ago) it was stormy; it started raining just after arriving and the wind presisted to grow stronger at each passing minute. This time wasn’t any different. We arrived to the Grand Canyon in the early afternoon, we walked to the first view point and shortly after it began to get stormy.


We continued to drive through the park and explore what we could. It was a beautiful site; the stormy skies made the view even more epic. As we were passing another view point, I glanced over and saw a stunning rainbow! It was stunning. I quickly (and safely) parked the car and hopped out for a photo. We had just enough time to snap a few photos before the rainbow faded away and the rain really set in. After a short time when the rain and clouds grew stronger it was hard to see the canyon itself. 


I found this sign amusing. WATCH OUT for REPTILES: Rattlesnakes, Lizards, Spiders, Centipedes, Scorpions, etc… Thank you – Mgmt. Thankfully, and with a bit of disappointment we didn’t run into any such things. 


The different vendors who set up shop near the Grand Canyon were interesting. It seemed that the weather had forced most of them to pack up their items. But the few that stayed had neat things for sale.

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