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Road Trip | 17 Mile Drive


The 17 mile drive is a must for anyone’s and everyone’s bucket list. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it twice and I wouldn’t say no to third time. The views are iconic. It’s miles of ocean, cliffs and skies that go on forever. At times it is overwhelming, but in the best of ways. You can look out over the ocean and all you may see is blue; light blue, dark blue, all shades of blue mixed with splashes of white. 

At times I thought I was dreaming. The coastline has always been a favorite of mine for years! Soaking up the warm sunshine while listening to the waves crash is one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever experienced. The textures of the rocky terrain, the various shades of blue, and the splashes of white make for the perfect painting; if only I were a painter.  The ocean is so peaceful, while being so powerful. If I think about it too much my mind gets carried away with the waves in the what-ifs of life. I’d never live at the beach, because it’s my escape, it’s where I run to when I need a break; when I need to breath. I like having a place away from life where I can listen to something so relaxing while reminding me how small I really am in this world. The beach is my hiding place. The 17 mile drive is my dream. 


There are no words that can fully describe what its like to be next to the ocean, but photographs express the emotions that words can’t grasp. Enjoy. 

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