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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | Traveling the World

Today I was asked “Do you go somewhere every day you have off?” The answer is mostly, “Yes”. I have found over the years that if I wait for life to slow down I’ll always be waiting. So, I take every chance I get to do what I love.

As mentioned in last week’s post, I am often conflicted with catching up on sleep or doing something fun. I go in spurts, but lately I’ve been doing that latter.

This weekend Philip and I packed our bags for an overnighter. Originally we had discussed going to the coast for a night, but the weather wasn’t looking good, so we decided on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Philip has been wanting to go here for a while, so it worked out! We took it easy most of the trip, we were both tired and a little worn out from the work week so we took things at a slow pace. The weather was mostly nice during the drive, but it kept trying to storm. For about 20 minutes it did rain somewhat hard. We stopped at a winery on the way, it was a nice break in the driving (a post about the winery will be coming later this week). Once we got to Pittsburgh we stopped for dinner. Then settled into our hotel. Our hotel was super nice (from what we normally stay at).  


It was raining. Windshield wipers are amazing.


After checking into our hotel we went to a view point to watch the sunset on the city. It was a beautiful view. The next morning we woke early to head to the view point to watch the sunrise over the city. It was awesome to experience both the sunrise and the sunset in Pittsburgh.

When you ask someone to take your picture, but they don’t understand the camera. But thankfully he did get one shot with us in focus.

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