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The morning after capturing Nick and Emily’s wedding we were up and at ‘em at 5:00am! Our goal was to leave before daybreak and set course to Montreal, Canada. With a little over three hours of driving to go, we were pleased by the signs of better weather ahead. Our groggy morning slowly morphed into a morning full of conversation (one of our favorite things about road tripping together).

We arrived in Montreal just in time for breakfast and another restaurant (one of the best parts of traveling no doubt!). This one was called Cora, a breakfast diner that specialized in all different sorts of crapes. We had a good time listening to all of the customers speaking French (not understanding a word) while we went through our menus looking at the pictures (not being able to read a word in their either!). Our waitress, who was bilingual, was very helpful and assisted us in decided on some delicious local breakfast entrees. Once we finished up there we spent some time cruising through Downtown

Montreal. Although only able to scratch the surface with the amount of time we had in Montreal, we still had a blast driving up and down those hilly streets doing one our favorite past-times… collecting Instagram material! This is definitely a city we intend to go back to some day and experience more in depth. But for now, on to the next destination!

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