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Me || Katy Murray

I am Katy Murray. I am a red head, a believer and a wife.

I love adventure. Any adventure. I love to travel. Anywhere.

I don’t laugh out loud during movies, even when I find them funny (Ask my husband and close friends). I tend to plan, too often. I like routine. I wish I wasn’t so short tempered, but I’m working on it. I am more a pessimist than a optimist. I try to see the good in every day. Math is NOT my strong suit. I’m learning to fully trust God and his plan for me. I dream, way too much. I truly enjoy diving into a good book. I wish I read more. I like to be in control. I like reflecting on the past, and exploring the future. Often people tell me my eyes are the same color as my hair. I have freckles, and I embrace them (they’re the closest thing to a tan I’ll get). I love my family. My husband spoils me.  I am blessed.

Instagram: @thekatymurray Twitter: @thekatymurray Facebook: Click

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