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How to prepare for your Brand Photo Shoot | With a Free Download

1. Plan

First and foremost, have a plan!

If you are launching a new product, changing up your offerings or pivoting your business it will be important to have those in mind when planning a brand photo shoot. You don’t want to go into your brand photo shoot blindly, to get the most out of the session you should have clear intentions and a way to execute them.

2. Location

The location for your brand photos can make or break them. Be sure to put thought into where you want the photos to take place. While a home office or studio space may lend to some good photos, having a location that has a variety of backdrops and options is key. You want these photos to be evergreen, so having a few different sets to work with will be really helpful. You also want to make sure the space you choose speaks to your brand and supports your vision.

3. Props / Items

Even if you are doing the session in your office space, it is helpful to create a shot list and set aside items/props ahead of time for the session. You want each prop to speak to your vision and connect your target audience with your brand. Things like pens, paper, knickknacks, and fresh flowers, etc. can all add to the overall vibe of the session in a positive way.

4. Multiple Looks

Your brand session is meant to be evergreen, having a variety of looks to mix up the session is hugely beneficial. You don’t want so many differnet outfits and looks that it makes the brand photos feel all over the place, but having cohesive style throughout the outfits and being intentional with the accessories is a great approach. I also suggest changing up your hair style with different outfits to give more variety to the images.

5. Enjoy it!

Have fun and enjoy the session! This should be a fun experience and by taking the above mentioned steps you will set yourself up for success. If you are loving life and having a great time that will be captured in the images and reflected to your target audience.

Bonus Tips

Consider Hiring a Team

1. Professional Makeup

Hiring a professional makeup artist for your session will make the day easier on you and allow you to focus your mind elsewhere while being pampered. Professional makeup artists will have you camera ready through the use of professional products and techniques to enhance your natural beauty.

2. Professional Hair

Again, this will make the day so much easier. And they can stay on site for the whole session to do a couple different styles that way you get the most out of the session!

3. AirBnb

If your home isn’t the best option, renting a place for the brand photo shoot is ideal. While this is an additional investment, you want to be in love with the location your photo shoot takes place because it’s a big element of the brand photos. And as an added bonus: You don’t have to clean up the house before the session, so it is a great way to lessen the stress.

Here is our Free Brand Questions for Download.

Questions for Brand Photos
Download PDF • 598KB

These Questions should be asked when preparing to hire a Brand Photographer

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