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Featured Friday | J’Adorn Designs

J’Adorn Designs is a couture and custom jewelry studio specializing in bridal jewelry and gifts. They offer handcrafted jewelry for the bride and her attendants as well as custom services for those who want a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Many brides like to use this customization option to create matching jewelry sets for their bridesmaids.


Alison is the face behind the name, J’Adorn Designs. Alison draws a lot of inspiration from the natural world, particularly floral and plant life. She’s a big gardener and endlessly inspired by the combinations of colors, textures, and patterns that occur in nature. Alison also love to follow fashion trends to stay abreast of the colors, shapes, and styles that her clients are wearing, so she can design the perfect jewelry to match. J’Adorn Designs was founded in early 2012 when Alison found herself jobless in a new city. Her career field at the time was international education, but she left her job at a university in Philadelphia to move to Baltimore when she married her husband. Always being the artistic type, she decided to revisit her old hobby of making jewelry as a creative outlet while she sent out resumes. However, it quickly became apparent that her “hobby” was growing into something more significant as friends and family took notice of the designs. Three and a half years later, J’Adorn Designs is Alison’s full time job and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

What keeps you motivated to face the challenges small business owners face? Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely business, so I’ve found community with others in my industry to be a key factor in my productivity. I’m an active member of the Rising Tide Society and the friends and connections I’ve made through their Tuesdays Together groups have been so wonderful. Constantly educating myself in my craft and business have also been major motivating factors for me, as I want to put the new things I learn into practice and better my work as a result. Online resources like Creative Live and Skillshare (as well as local arts organizations and the good old fashioned library!) are some of my favorite places to go for this.


Alison’s best advice for a bride-to-be: “Do your research & hire a team of professionals who you really trust to make your vision come to life. You want to be able to truly enjoy your engagement, whether it’s 4 months or 2 years long. Planning a wedding is a notoriously high-stress time for a bride and her loved ones, so the more you can take off your own plate and trust to someone else whom you trust, the less you will have to worry about.” I couldn’t agree more with this, Alison is so right that having a great team of professionals will make things so much easier and more fun!

Alison’s studio is based out of Baltimore, Maryland but she works with brides throughout the DMV area and into Philadelphia.

J’Adorn Designs; Website Facebook Instagram: @jadorndesigns Pinterest: J’Adorn Designs  Twitter: @alisonjefferies 

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