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Arlington Virginia Photo Session

We met for a morning session in Arlington, Virginia. The sun was shining, birds chirping and a soft breeze in the air. It was such a wonderful morning for a photo session. Avery and Emily have such a joy about them. A peaceful presence and smiles that can warm the city.

Fraser Park in Arlington, Virginia made a lovely backdrop for this session… As you can see, the sun was sneaking through the trees and the session is filled with warmth. It’s an active park, so many passed by during our session. From dog walkers, joggers, couples out for a morning stroll. It almost didn’t seem like we were in a big city full of people! Everyone shared smiles and good morning wishes.

Avery and Emily were fun to chat with. We discussed silly things, like the fact I am indeed not a killer (ya know, meeting someone in a random park that you found online that be a little nerve wracking). Emily’s love for yoga and her daily practice, her passion to help others and fight for women’s rights. Avery’s track to law, and what he wants to do with his future career. The conversation was easy and flowed effortlessly.

Also, let’s chat about their sun-kissed skin! They just got back from exploring California, so we talked about the places they visited (Yosemite! One of my favorite places!) and how lovely the west coast is.

Emily and I actually met up to do her headshots and some content for a magazine article she wrote, but since Avery was there we decided to sneak in a mini couple’s session, too!

Just a heads up for those of you who might want to book a fall session. My calendar is filling up quickly, so please reach out soon, can’t wait to see you!

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